Keeping your car in order

Regular maintenance is necessary for all vehicles. It ensures the vehicle remains safe for use. Your car must undergo the annual MOT test to check its emission and safety conditions.  Whilst your car is in the garage you might as well have the wheels checked. If you have Alloy Wheels, you could consider alloy wheel rim protectors in order to avoid expensive damanage. There are many things in your vehicle that must be maintained well if you want to keep it in the top condition.

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Oil Change

Take a look at the owner's manual of your car. You will learn when you have to get its oil changed. If you keep running your vehicle beyond the recommended oil change duration limit, the engine will start malfunctioning and its life will be reduced. Make sure the oil is changed on time as recommended by your manufacturer. Use good quality oil for better results.

Tyre Air Pressure

A vehicle starts consuming more fuel if its tyres do not have sufficient air pressure. Use a tyre pressure gauge to check the air pressure. Do this when the tyre is cold or you will not get an accurate reading. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure point, and not the one written on the sidewall of the tyre. Look for sidewall bulges, uneven wear and cuts. Take corrective measures and change the tyre when needed.

Transmission Check

This part of your vehicle transfers the engine power to the wheels. You will face difficulty in shifting vehicle if the transmission fluid is not at the right level and in good condition. Regular checks are needed to ensure the right level and condition of this fluid.


Keep your car's battery clean, secure and charged. Keep its connector terminals clean as well. Do not connect to it any electrical device that exceeds its power specification limit. Replace the battery when it stops providing sufficient power.

The Brakes

Most cars now have disc brakes for the front wheels and drum brakes for the back wheels. All types of brakes use friction to slow down the vehicle and bring it to a halt. It is achieved by applying pressure on the brake pads or brake shoes. You will start noticing warning signals if your vehicle's brakes are wearing and need maintenance or replacement. Most cars now have electronic sensors and indicators so you will know if your car's brakes are in need of servicing. The brakes require servicing if you hear continuous squeals or grinding sounds when you apply the brake.

You can keep your old car like Ford Model A in good condition with regular maintenance. Follow the maintenance checklist and adhere to it as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. A well maintained vehicle offers higher level of safety to the driver and passengers. Its parts last longer when kept well oiled and tuned. Repair or replace faulty parts in time so you do not face any unexpected problem. Regular maintenance of your car will help you avoid expensive repair costs. A well maintained vehicle commands a higher resale value in the used vehicle market. It meets the emission standards and helps protect the environment. You will not face roadside emergencies. Read the owner's manual provided with your vehicle and follow the recommended maintenance schedules.