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A Special Thanks and Request TO ALL Club


It is time for all to come to the aid of their

Club. Volunteer for the board

and other positions for YOUR club.


“A” Thank You Wisconsin Chapter members who

do volunteer and make our Club “A”

winner. This club runs well because of



We need board members and various other

volunteer positions to keep operating as an interesting and exciting club.


The board usually meets only 11 times per year with July off. That is about one and half

hours per month. That is not much to ask for YOUR club.


 You can get involved in other ways, take a look at the volunteer list and see what you

can offer the club as your input to keep the club operating so well, or offer a

suggestion as to a new position the club needs. Send your suggestions or offers to

board. Just click on "board" and you will be taken to an email note to record your


Special Free Software Needed


Please note that you need the Free ADOBE READER application to read the Digital Issues of 'Wheeling the A" and to use the "fill and print forms" on this site.


The "PRINT" button on the forms must be used. Your system's "print" command may not work.


Current Issue of Wheeling the A

We are proud to mention our editor has won the "Newsletter of Distinction" award from the

National group, Model A Ford Club of America.

No need to hunt for your news after our current issue is published, all late club news items will

be here.

The "Wheeling the A Archives" page is accessed by the above tab with previous issues for

download or print.


Click on the picture to print or read the current issue of "Wheeling The A".














For details see the current issue of “Wheeling the A”.



Tour Reminder
Contact the tour host with any questions you may have. 
It is your responsibility and a courtesy to notify the tour host. Hosts usually require an estimated "head count" for snacks, restaurants and such.

You like to know if someone is coming to your party, they do too, so they can plan.


New Speedster


 Click here to see a "New" speedster. Video is from German media and very interesting.


Photo Gallery

Check out the Photo Gallery tab above for the latest tour photos submitted by club members. You can submit any interesting photos of projects or club events you think the members would enjoy. Send them to the webmaster@model-a-wis.com .


Advanced Timing

Check the  "The Advanced Timing" column in "Wheeling The A" for planned events. Changes in events that are too late to place in the newsletter will be posted on this web page. If you are hosting an event, there are options available if a problem arises. Contact a board member who has the ability to send out a mass email. If a longer time is available and after the newsletter is published, contact the webmaster for inclusion on this page.


Schedule of Planned Events

All indoor events start at 1:30 pm unless otherwise noted and are held at St. Aloysius/Gonzaga Hall, 1414 S. 93 ST. Enter from the Parking lot on the south side of the building. Outdoor events are stated in "Wheeling the A" on the Advanced Timing Column.


Other Club and Car Events

A calendar of more Milwaukee Area car club activities is available here.


Cars Starring in Old Movies


The Antique Automobile club of America has compiled a list of old movies that are interesting and will keep you busy for quite a while. Click on the following link. > Old car movies.

I know this isn't a Ford but it is interesting and fun to watch. Beyond that, it speaks to the toughness and sound design of the cars of the Model A era. Enjoy!  More old car movies  Thanks to member Bill D.

Something your Model A cannot accomplish Click here.

Forms Page

We have provided a page on this website that includes various forms. Most of these forms can be filled-in by clicking on the name of the form. The form appears and you can type in the blanks then print. These are provided because we are aware that some members do not want to cut up their "Wheeling the A" issue. Before you cut up your newsletter, check to see if a form is available.  As new forms are acquired, they will be added to the page.



Job Descriptions are now available

Descriptions of the positions on the Board of Directors are accessible for viewing and downloading by visiting "Forms".



About This Website

Comments concerning the website and its contents should be directed to the webmaster. We appreciate hearing about errors, omissions, improvements, cancellations or even a pat on the back. Please note that some items may be included to see if you are paying attention. All mail is read.


Email Notices

If you have an email address and are not receiving emails regarding events, cancelled events or member illness’s or deaths, please email club Secretary so you can be added to the email list.


Email Address Offer

Do you have a complicated, hard to remember email address?

Do your friends and family a favor and give them your email address that is easy to remember.

The club has a special offer for paid members. We are offering personalized email forwards.  The suffix (right side of the @) will end in model-a-wis.com.  An "email forward" sends any mail addressed to the model-a wis.com account to your original address. You don't lose your original address and can still use it. Just tell your friends to send your mail to "you @  model - a- wis . com". The prefix left side of the XXX@ you determine.

That mail will suddenly appear in your regular account. It is similar to forwarding your phone calls to another number. The sender doesn't know where the email will be answered.

It you would like to use this service  or have questions, contact the webmaster, These options are free to all paid club members.